Trax Custom Fit Sport Headphones - Black

Customizable. Durable. Comfortable. We started with the needs of runners in mind, and emerged with a hassle free, stay-put headphone that's perfect for nearly any activity!
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  • IP7
100% Waterproof // Sweatproof Durability
Waterproof up to a depth of 3 feet for 30 minutes, these headphones made to survive sweat, humidity and rain. Easy to clean, rinse them off for a fresh pair of earbuds before every workout.

Highly Customizable
Unique moldable memory wire, five earplug options and a cable clip give you the options to create a comfortable stay-put fit that’s uniquely you.

Memory wire is designed to hold shape, yet stay flexible so you can create the perfect ear hook that’s comfortable even with sunglasses, or change up the fit for each activity you do.

Ergonomics for Fit and Sound
Angled design works with the shape of your ear for optimal fit and sound performance. Ergonomic shape rests comfortably in your ear, while directing sound towards the ear canal, providing a comfortable fit and delivering quality sound without listener fatigue which means you can get the same sound at a lower volume, leading to less listener fatigue over long periods of time.

Highly Visible
High visibility cable and bright colors make these headphones easy to find in the dark corners of your gym bag and makes you easy to see during outdoor activities in the early morning or evening hours.

Hassle Free Quiet Cable
Distributed load shielded cable redistributes the pull and strain from active use to keep the cable from fraying or breaking while also almost completely eliminating cordphonics (more commonly known as that annoying noise of your headphone cable rubbing against your shirt as you workout). Kink-free outer coating ensures that no matter how you store them, the headphone cables will stay tangle free.

Packaging Includes:
Trax Headphones W/ Clip
5 Earplugs - 3 Soft Round S-L // M/L Soft Memory Foam // 1 Small Tree Tip

Customer Reviews

  1. Great ear buds, Great customer service. Review by Tim
    Overall Rating

    I got these earbuds for running. I had tried several other similar products, and they all fell flat. they either wouldn't stay put or else failed due to my profuse sweat volume. The Trax Custom Fit Sport Headphones on the other hand, held tight right from the start, and held up the the most rigorous sweatiest conditions. (for me that's about 30-45 minutes of run time, sweating the whole way) The memory wire is great. At first I thought it seemed a little on the thin side, but it holds well, and is much less noticeable, and more comfortable against the ear than other plastic ear clip types I've used. The sound is really good also. The only thing keeping me from giving a 5 star rating on this is the cord. IMO it would be nice if it were about 6 inches longer. I clip an ipod shuffle on the bottom hem of my shirt and the short cord length causes it to pull up slightly, especially when I turn my head.

    A note on customer service. I had my earbuds for about two months and one day I went to get them for a run, and noticed the casing around one of the speakers had cracked open. Since they have a 1 year warranty I got online, submitted a warranty return request and the next day I got a response with a return authorization number and instructions for the return. I sent it off and received an email 3 days later that they had gotten my return, which was on a Friday, and that they would ship my replacement earbuds out first thing Monday. No hassles, no questions asked, and I got a brand new replacement set of earbuds by the end of the week. (Posted on 7/2/13)

  2. Awesome Headphones!! Review by Kevin
    Overall Rating

    I thought that these headphones were going to be a hassle to get the perfect fit... But, I was wrong.
    Our first session was in the gym. It didn't take long to get them fitting perfectly - with the correct size earbuds, and the memory wire wrapped firmly we were set to go. Once they're on, they stick like glue. We went through a complete gym session with ease.
    Next test was out on the water: Kiteboarding. Tested them submerged...Awesome!! Straight back up into riding, no adjusting needed. Great how you can take one ear out, and let it hang there to hear, if you need to.
    Other wise, perfect fit and rode for hours.
    And last test - In the Spa pool (what more can I say...)
    Love the way you can customize the headset setup.
    I now use these everywhere, Great sound, Well worth the money... And Some!
    (Posted on 6/18/12)

  3. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !!!!! Review by Drew
    Overall Rating

    I currently use these earbuds for working out, running, and also riding a jet ski on the weekends. The memory wire at the head of the buds are an awesome attatchment, as they prevent the earbuds from falling out and give them extra support. You will NOT be disappointed when you purchase these headphones. The sound is a lot better than what i expected, and the multiple options for tips on the headphones are another awesome addition !! I will be purchasing headphones from H20 Audio for the rest of my life !!! Thanks H2O audio for making my workouts and rides on the water that much better !!!! (Posted on 6/16/12)

  4. Absolutely LOVE these earbuds Review by Illa
    Overall Rating

    I just stick them in my ears and enjoy my run. No fuss, great sound and i haven't killed them yet. After burning through ear buds every few months and spending half my run "fiddling" with them to keep them in place, I am so stoked on my buds =] (Posted on 3/13/12)