Surge Waterproof Sport Headphones

X-1's Waterproofing technology and sleek aerodynamic design provide a rich sound and a comfortable fit in and out of the water.
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  • IP8
100% Waterproof
X-1's patented waterproof technology allows headphones to withstand heavy perspiration, rinsing after active use, and submersion to 12ft/3.6m underwater for an unlimited amount of time.

Personalized Fit
Includes 5 sets of Elastomer earplugs (XS-XL) to ensure a waterproof seal and comfortable fit while swimming, running, and working out.

Hydrodynamic Design
Ergonomic sheared shape sits flush with the ear and is designed to promote proper alignment of the earbud with the ear canal for superior sound and less drag in or out of the water.

Improved Bass Amplified Sound
The latest waterproof technology delivers improved bass quality, while sound-isolating, watertight earplugs provide warm sound and dynamic bass response powered by Surge's waterproof 8mm neodymium drivers.

Sports Performance
Precision engineered and individually tested to deliver high quality fit, function, and durability for long-lasting performance.

Customer Reviews

  1. Great Headphones! Review by Eric
    Overall Rating

    Great sound quality, very light weight, and waterproof! What else could you want in a headphone for running in the Northwest in the Wintertime? Well done X-1! (Posted on 1/5/13)

  2. Not that durable Review by William
    Overall Rating

    Had these exchanged for the wrap version which had a lot of drag in the water. Found that when tucked over and down through my goggles the stayed in better than the wrap version. However, there seems to be an under-engineering of the area where the cord meets the jack for the headphones because each set which has broken in that area and the left ear bud wont get powered (or receive intermittent power when the wire is in the 'right' spot). If these are meant to be ran and swum in, this area needs to be reinforced somehow. Customer service was good when I could get them on the line and exchanged the wrapped for these. When these broke I just ordered a new set of the 'customizable wire' version. Didn't feel like working out without music while my old set were mailed in there, processed, and a new set sent out - i'll use my one earbud for the time being (Posted on 3/29/12)

  3. Well done Review by Rick
    Overall Rating

    Had old H2O Audio earphone technology that I used for swimming several years back. Recently got back into the pool (with the old technology) and thought it a good time to upgrade. I am so very pleased with Surge 2G earphones. With old technology, volume always had to be turned up fully now volume is kept much lower with no interruption (water seeping in) to the music. Thanks for a great product - just ordered a new armband to complete the upgrade! (Posted on 2/25/12)

  4. Can't Get Much Better! Review by Blacjac
    Overall Rating

    I have been swimming for 45 years...That's a lot of laps, a lot of bouys and piers and jetties! I received the bundle w/ nano, case and earphones. It's like going from balck & whte TV to High Definition...I can swim without zoning out, getting bored, and the sound is great once you position the buds correctly. You won't want to stop, especially when "your jam" comes on.

    Take it from a pro...these are the real deal....where have you been all of my life!! Thanks H20 Audio for taking trainning to another level..... :) (Posted on 2/21/12)

  5. Great when they work, but they don't always work Review by Slow but steady
    Overall Rating

    Bought these in October 2011. Swim with them several days each week. They sound far better than the two other pairs I tried. But at times, a channel drops out or the whole sound gets muffled. Still better than silence. (Posted on 2/13/12)

  6. All good things... Review by Mose
    Overall Rating

    I was given the Surge Sportwrap as a gift for Christmas '10 and they lasted about 2 months before developing a short where the main cable entered the sportwrap. The customer service department was helpful and allowed me to exchange them for a pair of Surge 2G without the Sportwrap. Those lasted until yesterday. I don't know if it's another short but the right side just quit working completely and without without warning. No amount of manipulation appears to even temporarily fix the problem.
    I would not say that I was reckless in caring for them. They had a reserved pouch in my backpack and were wound up and stored regularly. I used them for running mostly but would go swimming with them about once a month. With swimming, I definitely had a love-hate relationship. I'll take any music over no music so my occasional bouts of frustration with loss of sound quality after swimming for over an hour (they'd move/dislodge causing distortion of sound) were forgivable. I'd shake out the water in my ear canal and in the head phone and start again with reasonable success.
    So if you love music so much that you gotta have it all the time, I think they're the best thing going. I'm buying another pair but I wish they lasted longer / worked even better. There's still a good amount of room for improvement. (Posted on 1/11/12)

  7. all about the positioning Review by part time swimmer
    Overall Rating

    So, I've had these headphones for a couple of years now (I don't swim as aften as I would like to- so don't take that to mean they will last for a long time- but so far so good). Once I get them positioned perfectly, they deliver very good sound. However, getting them in that perfect spot is not easy and takes lots of trial and error every time. I'm beginning to suspect that there may be a short in one of the wires as it often goes fuzzy and I have to hold my head just right to hear in my right ear. They need to be a little less sensitive as it hinders my workout to be constantly stopping and adjusting them. On the plus side- I have tried a couple of other waterproof headphones and so far these are the best I've tried, but there is certainly much room for improvement.

    - - Part time swimmer - -
    Very good point, fit is important as it does contribute to good sound when you're underwater. We do offer a Pro Fit Kit that has an additional 9 sizes and shapes of ear tips for people like you who would like the extra help in getting the perfect no-fuss fit. Also, getting the headphones situated with a good seal before getting in the water or getting your your hands or ears wet will also help to avoid mid-workout adjustments.

    H2O Audio (Posted on 3/25/11)

  8. So far so good Review by Schwimer
    Overall Rating

    I had a pair of Surge buds but one of the sides went out this summer so I bought the new ones. They have the same earplugs as the old ones so I got the Fit Kit too to try some different earplugs. The bud shape is way more streamlined in my ear and doesn't seem to drag in the water. The fit kit had couple of different sizes that worked perfect for me. They sound just as good as the old ones too. Like the other review the cord is pretty stiff. I think they could use a softer cable and this would be perfect. (Posted on 10/8/10)

  9. Great bass but need a carrying case. Review by MCCT
    Overall Rating

    The Surge 2G have great bass and clarity.The bass of the surge 2g certainly make your money worth. No issues with the sound quality and I am very happy with it.

    I own a Monster Jamz that cost about 119 and have them side by side for comparison.

    Sometimes, certain notes produced by the surge appears so sharp that it sounded rough to the ears. The jamz make the same sound more 'sweet' to the ears.

    One downside is that the wire of the surge 2g is very stubborn and have the tendency to curl . It sure takes some time for it to straighten.

    I think h2o audio should include a pouch to store the headphones or rather sell a carrying case as leaving the headphones in the open is very messy.

    (first to comment, yay!) (Posted on 10/7/10)