Interval 4G Waterproof Headphone System

Waterproof case with integrated headphones (Yes, the headphones are included) designed for 4th generation (the current generation) iPod shuffle.

The Interval is the only waterproof iPod case designed just for swimmers! Finally swimmers can have the same advantage of training with music that dry land athletes have enjoyed for years!
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  • IP8
Made for the iPod shuffle
Designed for the 4th Gen iPod shuffle.

100% Waterproof
Submersible to 12ft/3.6m underwater.
IPX Rating: IP8

Developed for Swimmers
Integrated goggle loops make it easy to attach and remove the case from almost any swim goggle. Short headphone wires make it convenient to contain your personal sound system entirely on your head keeping your arms free of wires.

Convenient Controls
Easy to use, push buttons that align with the iPod button controls for playback and volume control in the water or out.

Personalized Fit
Includes 5 sets of Elastomer earplugs (XS-XL) and 1 set of "Tree Tip" earplugs. Find the size that's right for you to ensure headphones stay securely in place while swimming.

Integrated Surge Headphones
Integrated into the case, the Interval features bass amplified Surge 2G headphones. Ergonomic sheared shape sits flush with the ear and is designed to promote proper alignment of the earbud with the ear canal for superior sound and fit, plus and less drag in the water.

Improved Bass Amplified Sound
The latest waterproof technology delivers improved bass quality, while sound-isolating, watertight earplugs provide warm sound and dynamic bass response powered by Surge’s waterproof 8mm neodymium drivers.

Customer Reviews

  1. Awesome product! Review by Robin
    Overall Rating

    Swimming is the most mundane form of exercise to me. I bought the Interval Waterproof Headphone System to replace another product that had stopped working. I hesitated buying another kind of product that I had a history of malfunctioning... I feel foolish now. The X-1 Interval WHS is a far superior product! The waterproof seal actually takes some muscle to open the first time. This gave me a great deal of security knowing my ipod wouldn't drown. I don't swim without it. Big buttons allow me to feel my way around the controls with the X-1 on the back of my goggles. The headphones stay in my ears! No water gets between the earpiece and my eardrum making the music muffled and the fit uncomfortable. Can't recommend this product enough! (Posted on 1/21/14)

  2. Great for swimming Review by Jessica
    Overall Rating

    This is my first underwater headphone product that I have tried and I am highly impressed. There are a few different sizes of earbuds that come with the product, so by using the correct size, you are able to seal out the water from coming into your ears and therefore have a great sound quality. I use these for both open water swimming and pool swimming. I was nervous the first time I used them in the pool that they would come out either during flip turns or from the momentum created when pushing off the wall, but the headphones impressively stayed in throughout. (Posted on 11/29/13)

  3. Great swimming companion Review by Joel
    Overall Rating

    Tired of swimming endless laps by yourself? Then treat yourself to an X-1 Interval and enjoy the company of your music while you swim. The interval is easily secured to your goggles strap and the ear pieces stay put once you determine your correct sizing. It may take a few attempts to get the correct ear piece, but once you find the right one you'll be set for endless laps while enjoying your music. If you are looking to up your stroke rate use a song with the prescribed beat and you are set. Another excellent product from X-1. (Posted on 6/28/13)

  4. Did not fit my ears Review by Brian
    Overall Rating

    Great idea, but not one of the sizes of ear buds fit me. (Posted on 6/25/13)

  5. Triathlete's best friend Review by John M
    Overall Rating

    No way I would even consider a swim without my Interval4G. Open water swimming without do you do it? I love the fit and convience of having the interval attached to my googles. The sound is unbelievable, espicially the bass in the water. Thanks X1 (Posted on 6/5/13)

  6. Why did I not buy this sooner?! Review by Jason W
    Overall Rating

    I've been doing triathlons since 2008, and have always despised my swim workouts. I'm not a strong swimmer, and I get bored pretty easily while I swim. I bought the Interval headphone system about a month ago and it has changed my life. Not only is it amazing to me that I can listen to music under water, but the sound quality is also really good!

    On the very first time that I used the Interval, I did a 40 minute swim workout and it flew by! I'm still not a strong swimmer, but now that I can enjoy my swimming, I may finally be able to put in the work to become one!

    As a side note, I have also worn the Interval while running. I used a visor with an adjustable velcro strap, and it work great! The Interval stayed nice a snug without bouncing around, and wasn't painful at all. In fact, I really didn't even notice that it was there.

    A definite 5 stars from me! (Posted on 6/5/13)

  7. Add some motivation to your lap swimming Review by Matt
    Overall Rating

    I've been a competitive swimmer for over 30 years. I finally decided to try a waterproof MP3 player this year, and I opted to go with the X-1. This is such a phenomenal product, I wish I had this many years ago. The single best thing about this case is the fact that it's a case only, allowing you to use your pre-configured Ipod Shuffle. I originally had another brand of MP3 player, and it was a lot more work to create playlists and load songs. This device is a piece of cake. Pop in your own Ipod Shuffle and the buttons work exactly like the control pad on your Ipod.

    The sound is awesome. There are multiple sizes of headphone buds, so regardless the size of your ears, one will fit. The buds are very comfortable and you barely feel them in your ears. I personally have issues with water getting in my ears, and these buds work as well as silicone earplugs for me.

    Overall, I'd highly recommend the X-1 for swimmers and triathletes alike. It's so much more motivating to swim laps when you've got your favorite tunes pumped right into your ears. I can't believe how much faster my workouts go with music, and I find myself keeping a faster pace with music. I fully expect this to translate to faster competitions, and more visits to the podium. (Posted on 6/3/13)

  8. Awesome product... makes long swim workouts (alone) possible Review by RunNickRUn
    Overall Rating

    This is for those of us who travel for work. When it comes to getting a dreaded long swim in (alone), nothing makes it more enjoyable than my music and this thing makes it possible. If you are like me and your swim is your weakest link, check this thing out. And for those of you who sweat as much as I do (which I'm not sure that's possible) this thing will save your iPod shuffle and your bank account. I used to go through no less than 3/year... I've had the same one for over a year thanks to this. Attach it to the back of a hat or visor and you're all set. (Posted on 3/28/13)

  9. My Favorite Pool Toy! Review by Cory V
    Overall Rating

    The interval just rocks! I bought my first one over two years ago and it's still going! I recently bought a backup, just in case. Swimming long sessions and staring at lane lines is way more enjoyable with this guy. My iPod shuffle has been totally fine, too. If you swim, this is your new best friend in the pool. Could be rigged on a headlamp or visor for running/hiking too. (Posted on 3/27/13)

  10. Great case! Review by Jeremy
    Overall Rating

    I bought this case because I got sick of my long open water swims. They got boring. This case fixed that up quickly. The headphones fit great with no leaking. I have also been using it on runs by clipping it to either my hat straps or visor. Love it because there are no cords to mess with and no fumbling around if you want to change the song or turn it up. LOVE THIS THING!!! (Posted on 12/13/12)

  11. You think you like your iPod for running? This is better! Review by MX203
    Overall Rating

    I never knew what I was missing until I used this product! The Interval is for all those people that use their iPods for running, only once you listen to your music in the pool, swimming is like a whole new sport. This is a really simple product to use. I read one negative review about it leaking. But that person just wasn't paying attention. Simply open up the Interval's waterproof case, plug in your iPod, and make sure the iPod sits in the slot in the back of the case. I close the case by pushing evenly on both tabs on the outer edges and in using it 4 times a week for the past month I haven't seen a drop of water inside the unit! It's definitely waterproof. The headphones surprisingly stay in place regardless of your pace. If I have to adjust them more than once per workout I'd be surprised. I adjust my goggles more than that! Sound quality is really good considering you're under water. It's just a great product that I would recommend to anyone tired of staring at the black line day after day. Buy it, you won't be disappointed! (Posted on 12/11/12)

  12. Amazing! Review by Greg
    Overall Rating

    I dont really get into writing reviews for things, but tried the Interval 4G for the first time this morning, and WOW! I wasn't sure what to expect, maybe tinny sound, and the feeling that any music would be better than nothing, but these sound crystal clear w/ a rich deep base. I have only used it once, so for all i know, it will start leaking in a couple of weeks, but the feeling of using an IPOD while swimming has to be experienced. If this thing holds up as expected, it will be one of the best things I've bought (for the price) in years! I swam an extra 20 laps just because of digging it so much. Fits great, easy to attach to goggles, and simple to use controls. Could not be happier. If you swim, BUY THIS! (Posted on 10/29/12)

  13. good for swimming and running! Review by adam
    Overall Rating

    i use my interval about 3 times a week. in the pool - it fits my google great. i usually wrap the ear bud cables around the goggle strap a few times just to shorten them up (this is my only complaint). sound is great. occasionally i have to suck out the seal on the earbuds. running: this fits nicely on my h2oaudio visor. the ear buds stick and never fall out. it feels a bit heavy on the back of your head at first, but you get used to it after a few runs. would highly recommend. (Posted on 10/9/12)

  14. THE BEST!!! Review by Mma
    Overall Rating

    I just brought this two weeks ago. This stuff is so sick!! I went to swimming yesterday with this and man I was swimming for a long time with my favorite songs! I am in love with H2O audio! I recommend you also buy the pro kit with different ear sizes. This is awesome! I'm taking this with me to college this fall and I am going to exercise and swim everyday with a smile on my face! (Posted on 7/27/12)

  15. Awesome! Review by Nick
    Overall Rating

    This is something every swimmer or Triathlete needs. In fact anyone who works out in a pool should have this. It completely protects my Ipod shuffle without any worries in my head. Sound is amazing underwater. It really helps me get through the mindless amounts of laps. Find the right earbud size and your good to go. Took me a few tries to get it right. Also finding the right type of goggles to fit the Interval 4g for the optimal comfort is something else I recommend. Best $100 i've ever spent. (Posted on 3/30/12)

  16. Amazingly cool! Review by Hind Hobeika
    Overall Rating

    I've always had waterproof MP3 players, but never used them for more than 5 times because the earphones fell off, the design wasn't friendly, and it was just too cumbersome to take care of this one + ipod+ iphone.
    H2O Audio has the perfect solution: the casing protects my ipod shuffle 100% from the water, and the earphones stick to the ear and never fall off!

    I am very happy with my gear and CANNOT imagine myself swimming without it! (Posted on 3/14/12)

  17. Amazing Products! Review by Bran Flakes
    Overall Rating

    I LOVE the H2O Audio Interval system because when I am Running Biking or Swimming, I am able to train harder by listening to this music! It is so impressive to me that I am able to listen to music and know that none of my sweat or water coming off my body will ruin my ipod! THANK YOU H2O Audio for creating this super helpful ipod protector!!! (Posted on 3/6/12)

  18. Awesome! Review by KC
    Overall Rating

    OMG I LOVE this thing! Sound quality is amazing and the headphones double as earplugs, so I no longer have to use drops to get the water out of my ears after a long swim. I've never had good luck with earbuds staying in my ears, and these are no different, but I just put my swim cap over my ears and they don't budge. Makes long swims SO much better. I constantly get comments at the pool about this case and I reccommend it to everyone! (Posted on 2/28/12)

  19. overall, ok Review by mrsfuzz
    Overall Rating

    I already had an H2O Audio product for an older ipod....but, after a few years, the headphones gave out on one side. Of course, it being older, replacement was obsolete. I wasn't too upset about having to buy new since I really liked my older version.
    Two things I don't like about this version:
    1: Only being able to attach the case to my goggles. With shoulder injuries, I now kick a major portion of my swim work out. I don't wear goggles when I kick. Was hoping to be able to attach the case to a strap of my swimsuit, but, the headphone cords are too short for that. So, I attach to my goggles and push the goggles up on my forehead. Not my favorite solution tho as it leaves marks for hours afterwards.
    2: No matter what I do, I just cannot get the earbuds to fit. I am on the x-small and they still fall out. I have to pull my cap down over them (which I HATE!) and even that isn't a good solution as they still tend to shift. I waste a lot of work out time messing with the earbuds.

    How about trying a different earbud design? Don't know about copyright infringements, but, the new Bose design is wonderful! Something similar would certainly be better than the current design.

    Overall, a good product. I just don't think this version is working for me. Would definitely buy a re-designed version though if I thought it would work out better for me. (Posted on 2/22/12)

  20. Amazing Review by Jason
    Overall Rating

    Never had such a good swim in my life. I'm so use to the silence under water and now the Interval 4G Waterproof Headphone System for iPod shuffle. Gives me a whole new way to train with music. (Posted on 2/21/12)

  21. yay! the boredom is over! Review by Miss Lee
    Overall Rating

    Wow, just tried for the first time today.... These really allow me to focus and keep the workout fluid and effortless! Luv my playlist ! Wish I'd had these last year...really looking forward to lake swims this tri season!! No complaints, everything fits well. Thanks!
    Will highly recommend to all my swim pals! (Posted on 1/29/12)

  22. Best thing I bought all year Review by T-bone
    Overall Rating

    As a triathlete I spend a lot of time training for my swim. After getting this system, I swim my laps without noticing I have finished since I spend my whole time singing along forgetting what I am actually doing at the time, swimming laps. I love this so much I bought them as presents for all my friends that swim for christmas last year. They too now never enter the water without them.

    (Posted on 1/16/12)

  23. Finally music in the ears for lap swimmers... It's awesome ! Review by Bikerle
    Overall Rating

    I bought my Interval 4G yesterday, used it for the first time this morning and did not want to get out of the pool even after doing 50 laps instead of my 40 laps routine. Yeeeeeeehaaaaaaaa !!! I gave it 5 stars for first time use with no problem. I had the small earbud in the left ear and the mid size in the right.

    Is it normal to hear the sound of the water splash when diving your hand into the water ? Not sure how long the earbuds will last due to chlorine water in the pool (?) also the door latch seems too delicate for repetitive use (?). I just hope this is a quality product and it will justify my investment ($99.99 not cheap). Time will tell... For now i'm a very happy swimmer !!!! (Posted on 1/5/12)

  24. What we always hoped for Review by John
    Overall Rating

    For a long time we fantasized about having music in the pool like the road, and now it is possible! The Interval is water tight, so the ipod is safe. The unit stays in place and is virtually forgotten while swimming. The buttons opertate the ipod effectively and efficiently. Chasing the bue line just got a little more enjoyable (Posted on 12/9/11)

  25. it's better than you can imagine! Review by Splash Salon
    Overall Rating

    love it! Easy to operate. Attaches well to goggles. Swim cap helps to keep earphones in place and improves ability to hear sound. I now swim double to triple the time I use to. I prefer 3rd generation clip only because I could also easily Attach to hairband and baseball cap. (Posted on 12/5/11)

  26. Awesome! Review by Fish
    Overall Rating

    I love this product. Easy to use and great sound while swimming. Ear bugs stay in place are are very comfortable. (Posted on 11/21/11)

  27. Love these Review by irongirl
    Overall Rating

    The fit is comfortable over my swim cap and I put the ear buds in before pulling the cap down over my ears. The earphones have worked well. I agree with others that if the ear buds are not in properly, the sound will be spotty. It doesn't seem to be a problem with the ear bud function, but more with how they fit in my ears. I found water inside my case once because I didn't close the latch tightly. Overall great product, I am coming back to buy another one as a gift. (Posted on 11/21/11)

  28. Awesome product Review by Bike Diva
    Overall Rating

    I wrote a review of the H20 Audio Interval for my Bike Diva blog:

    Great product, I use it to listen to music while swimming laps and I also purchased the run hat so I could use the Interval to listen to music while doing my longer runs. (Posted on 11/10/11)

  29. happy but you have Review by rad rich
    Overall Rating

    I am happy with the H2O ,but if you get one you have to give it time. getting the right fit is something that I still have problems with. even if they fit at first in the water does not mean they are going to fit while you swim. The ear plugs are hard to set up and you have to swim and get use to it. Fit in the ear before gettting in water and swim. I went from the x large tot he small and now i think I have found a fit. Also I use the interval for running and it works great. Only problem there is that you can not use it with all hats. The earplugs can be a little bit more durable and you have to be careful fitting them. If you are buying this product you will be happy with it but take your time in the first months of use and watch for water inside the case. (Posted on 10/10/11)

  30. Excellent Review by janet
    Overall Rating

    I purchased this system because I swim for a long period of time and it is hard to keep entertained. After reading the reviews I decided to give it a try and I am thrilled with my purchase. First time in I had a little difficulty with the R earphone so I lost the sound from that side, but second use I was able to get a snug fit and had music for the whole 90minutes! It was great. I would definitely recommend this product. (Posted on 10/7/11)

  31. Best option for lap swimming!!! Review by brsedu
    Overall Rating

    I originally purchased the Amphibx armband and Surge Sportwrap 2G headphone combo for my iPod shuffle and this setup worked for my daily 50-lap swimming workout... for about 2 weeks. Inevitably the structure of wiring on the Sportwrap 2G headphones would cause the wires to get pulled and short with repeated head turning when I take a breath. I replaced the Sportwrap headphones at least 3x and had the same result - I could no longer hear the music clearly. I was frustrated!

    Enter the Interval 4G set. SO. MUCH. BETTER. Just based on the fact that the whole unit is on your head and there are no wires to pull and short when your head turns. I love this unit and my love for swimming and listening to music has been saved. This is a far better alternative for lap swimming than my first outing with H2OAudio, and I recommend the Interval 4G highly. The only challenge, as it is with many headphones, is to find the right earbud to stay in my ear. Just get the ProFit kit and problem solved. (Posted on 9/30/11)

  32. Wife and I both happy Review by mike
    Overall Rating

    I have had my Interval 4G for a couple of weeks now and so far I love it. My wife and I each use our own shuffle so we have our own music to swim to. I owned 2 SwiMP3's before the Interval and like the Interval 4G much better. I swim in an Endless Pool and the 4G really relieves boredom and lets me work out much longer and harder. My wife and I use the same ear pods with no problems. (Posted on 9/12/11)

  33. Easy to ear, easy to swim I like it Review by Phil
    Overall Rating

    My dog as eaten the ear plug of my first geneneration h20. I buy this new one and i think is better than the oldest. I swim 2000 yards twice or three a week in Harlem pool Marcus Carvey park, it's like a dream, and for relax at the end of my sport it's very cool. (Posted on 8/11/11)

  34. works perfectly Review by bdog
    Overall Rating

    Used the device for a month now and so far so good, easy to setup and easy to maintain. Needed to use a smaller ear bud to have it seat nice and comfortably. (Posted on 7/14/11)

  35. Much improved Review by 2G Probs
    Overall Rating

    I originally bought the Interval for the 2G shuffle and was severely disappointed. The latch on the case broke after 2 months of use. I received a replacement and it happened again. I thought it sounded very good but was very annoyed that the case latch kept breaking. The 4G Interval is a BIG improvement on the 2G design. The headsets have a better bass frequency this time around in my opinion and the case design is much more sturdy than before. It still takes a little getting used to as far as adjusting how the ear buds should sit in your ears to get good sound but once you find it, you are golden. I am very happy and satisfied with the Interval so far. Much much better than the 2G version. (Posted on 6/19/11)

  36. Good product, but still can't get ear buds to fit correctly. Review by Nick
    Overall Rating

    It's pretty awesome to be able to listen to music while I swim - never thought I'd be able to do that. As far as the comfort of having the Interval sitting on the back of my head while I swim, I honestly never even notice it. After I put it on, I forget it's even there.

    My only problem is the ear buds. I can't seem to find a size or a shape that works for me. I even sprung the extra $20 to purchase the "assortment" of ear buds to try, but I still can't get them to work very well. I usually swim between 2,000 - 4,000 yards in my workouts for about an hour. It never fails, the ear buds work fine for approximately the first half of my workout, then they let water in, and it's hard for me to hear the music for the rest of my workout. I've read all the tips to getting a good fit, and I still can't get them to fit right.

    Other than that, it's a pretty cool product. I know for a fact since I bought mine, there's been at least one other person who purchased one, after seeing mine and asking me where I got it. (Posted on 6/6/11)

  37. Very nice, but not perfect Review by kmcolli
    Overall Rating

    I recently upgraded from the inverval 2G to the recent 4G. I find the new 4G case not nearly as comfortable in the way it touches the back of my head ... I find it really hard to get in a comfortable position. The earphones so far are very good, except for the sound getting very soft in one ear on 2 of my 10 swims. Even with those issues, I can't imagine not swimming with my interval. (Posted on 4/8/11)

  38. Good Product – Disappointed with Shipping Options Review by Scooter
    Overall Rating

    I was happy to receive my Interval 4G and find it to be working very well. Moving easily from goggles to hat is a plus.

    I would have bought other products from H2O Audio over the past couple of years, but shipping options provided by H2O Audio to Canada are very limited and costly. Belive it or not USPS does ship Internationally for reasonable price. Even if you were to only offer a FedEx service at least offer International Priority, as economy ends up costing the same when you have to come up with a $25 brokerage charge at the door.

    Shipping should never cost more than 50% of the purchase price...

    - - Scooter - -
    We're always looking into ways to make getting our products around the world easier, so thanks for the suggestion. But it's also worth noting that there are tariffs and other charges aside from just the cost of shipping alone, so those can vary greatly by country and are often out of our hands. Also, we are in stores in Canada and are working to expand those locations as well if you want to avoid shipping costs.

    H2O Audio (Posted on 4/6/11)

  39. pretty cool. Review by Renu
    Overall Rating

    seriously music is the part of my life.
    while swimming i able to enjoy the songs. (Posted on 4/6/11)

  40. happy to finally get this Review by liz
    Overall Rating

    I had the 3rd generation shuffle and case, both of which stopped working. When I got a new shuffle for christmas I was thrilled, but disappointed to find out there was no waterproof case. I swim all the time and having music is amazing. So I am absolutely ecstatic that this case is finally out. It works great. Thanks H2OAudio. (Posted on 4/5/11)

  41. After 40 years of trying , I can enjoy my 2 favorite-swimming laps & music Review by muriel
    Overall Rating

    I have tried many radios to solve the boredom problem while swimming laps. None worked. Finally, I tried the IPOD shuffle with the Interval 4G case and, at last, after 40 years, I can enjoy my two favorite things-swimming and listening to music. Thank you. H2O! (Posted on 3/30/11)

  42. awesome Review by Wyked
    Overall Rating

    its the best (Posted on 3/19/11)

  43. So far so good Review by WannaBAFan
    Overall Rating

    This is a vast improvement from the 2G shuffle unit. The new Surge headset is louder than the previous version and has much better bass. Previous complaints from other users were that the ear buds keep falling out. I've had no such problems. As a matter of fact, my ear canals were completely dry after swimming 1500 yds with a 200 yd IM. Perhaps my ears are such that the unit fits like a glove?

    My main complaint with the 2G Shuffle Interval was that the plastic latch broke after 2 months use. I thought it was a fluke so I returned it for another. The latch broke again. It seemed the plastic was brittle. I gave it a third chance and the latch lasted 2 and a half months before breaking. I gave up and received my refund.

    Hopefully, this version is much more durable. I want to be a fan of the Interval because it really is a great system. Time will tell if it holds up. For that, I give 3 stars. I'll upgrade to 4 or 5 in two months if it lasts.

    - - WannaBAFan - -
    We would love to hear your few month update! We did make improvements to this case to make the latch more durable, as well as other updates for performance and durability.

    H2O Audio
    (Posted on 3/18/11)