Inside X-1Our Evolution

The Next Evolution Of H2O Audio

After 10+ years of perfecting waterproof audio solutions for swimming and aquatic sports, H2O Audio has evolved to the next level as X-1, providing Waterproof, Weatherproof, and Sweatproof audio solutions for a wider range of athletes. With the same patented technology that made H2O Audio the most trusted brand in waterproof audio, X-1 has extended their product line to provide audio solutions that fit comfortably and securely while withstanding rain, humidity, sleet, snow, water, perspiration, and anything else Mother Nature might throw at you.

Despite the new look and new name, X-1’s mission is the same - to provide athletes with music solutions that empower them to train longer, play harder, and push themselves to their peak performance.

X-1 Technology Is Designed For Athletes

Waterproof Swimming Technology
X-1 headphones are built to withstand sweat, rain, snow, humidity, rinsing, and submersion up to 12 feet (3.6m) underwater.
Fit Technology for Watersports
With 6 different headphone styles, X-1 provides the most comfortable and secure fit for the shape of your ear, ensuring that they stay put and won’t break during any rigorous physical activity.
Multiple Size Options for Secure, Athletic Fit
X-1 headphones include up to 8 sizes of earbuds for a comfortable and personalized fit for any type of activity - running, swimming, biking, climbing, kayaking, snowboarding, weightlifting, or any other sport.
Waterproof Technology for Phones and MP3
X-1’s waterproof cases and armbands come in a variety of styles to provide versatile, 100% waterproof protection for phones and MP3 players of all sizes, with full touchscreen functionality.

Waterproof Sound Technology

H2O Audio first began over a decade ago with a quest to provide the most advanced waterproof music solutions for swimmers and other aquatic athletes. After years of innovation, including the addition of over 7 patents, H2O Audio’s advanced technology has become the perfect foundation to create X-1's Waterproof, Weatherproof, and Sweatproof audio solutions for athletes across all sports. This technology protects X-1’s headphones and cases from all moisture or liquid, to withstand rain, snow, humidity, sweat, and rinsing after every use. And with full functionality while submerged up to 12 feet (3.6m) underwater, X-1 headphones offer a music-fueled workout both in and out of the water.

Waterproof Audio Solutions

With 10+ years of patented technology, X-1 has created the most innovative and advanced waterproof audio solutions on the market. X-1’s headphones cover a wide range of sports and needs - choose from in-line to earbuds to sportwraps, with different sizes and styles of ear plugs. When combined with their waterproof armbands and cases, X-1 technology powers a complete sports audio solution that is durable, versatile, custom fitting, and keeps phones and MP3 players of all sizes completely protected from water and other damage.