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Why Your Headphones Keep Falling Out

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Let me paint the picture. You’re out on your run… ok, maybe just the treadmill, but you’re still running. Things are going good. You start to hit your stride right around the start of side 2 of Led Zeppelin IV. “Misty Mountain Hop” is getting your pulse going and you start to get a little bit of a sweat on. Suddenly, your headphones yank right out of your ears and you trip on the cable. Your iPod shuffle rips off its clip and you look like a fool that just walked through a spider web trying to grab everything before it bites the dust.

Don’t act like it hasn’t happened to you.

Feeling Gravity’s Pull

Gravity is a cruel mistress, just ask anyone over forty. I swear it gets stronger every year but I’ve never read it for a scientific fact. So many headphones out there have one major flaw that makes them useless for working out: They Are Too Heavy. Gravity is pulling down on these headphones with every step and soon they fall out or are just too uncomfortable to wear. That’s what makes our Momentum and Momentum Sport Headphones different. The Momentum and Momentum Sport have been designed to be the lightest sport headphones ever made. Gravity can try all it wants, but if you have a the right fitting ear tips, you will be hard-pressed to find a headphone that stays in your ears better than the Momentum Headphones.

It’s About Fit

Pink EarplugsWhen it comes to in-ear sports headphones, fit is always at the top of the list from customers. We understand that more than most companies so we always include multiple sets of ear tips with all our headphones. The ear tips do a couple of different things. First they seal the actual speaker in your ear. This is super important for the quality of sound. If your ear tip is too small, you won’t get a good seal and low bass frequencies will leak out. This makes the headphones sound “thin” or “tinny”. But most importantly they provide the friction needed to stop from pulling out of your ears. This is a double edged sword though. If the ear tip is too big, you’ll get a good seal and good friction but it will get uncomfortable after a few minutes. That’s why finding the perfect fit is so important. We always suggest thing of each ear separate too. Maybe you need a smaller ear tip in one ear and a large in the other. Ears are weird and the human body is a mystery.