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Team X-1 Spotlight: Cory Valdez

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pf_swimSport(s): Triathlon

Occupation: Apple INC. \ Freelance Portrait Photographer

Location: Tucson, Az but I’m relocating to Portland, OR in a few months to chase down some dreams, including an aspiration to go elite in my sport.

How did you get into your primary sports?

I’m obsessed with time and data, and I have an acute attention to detail. I’m also single, so, you triathletes with wives/girlfriends/husbands/boyfriends/partners/pets/plants, you have my complete respect.  I grew up racing. As young as I can remember, I was out in the dirt racing ATVs.  After that I raced BMX for 10 years. I always wanted to get into road racing, though. In 2008 I started running for fitness. In 2009 I finally bought a road bike. In 2010 I taught myself how to swim competitively and I missed racing, so last year I started training and racing triathlon. I’ve caught the bug. I love training and the feeling of progression from pushing my limits mentally and physically. I find a lot of my strength in the ability to inspire people around me to pursue their own fitness goals and to live healthier lifestyles. When I race, a part of me will always race for them.

What’s one of your favorite workouts?

Any workout that justifies me having a beer and pizza afterward! I think my favorite workouts are circuit strength and brick sessions. I believe that the toughest days are what make champions, and this year I’m focusing on smarter recovery, so the best workouts are the ones I know I’ll be able to sit and play video games for a while the next day. Circuit sessions and bricks build a high level of mental focus, and with an education background in psychology I like to feel that I have an edge mentally on race day.

Favorite songs for working out?  

You can check out my complete Spotify X-1: Fuel the PR Playlist  – Music truly does fuel my workouts. If my nutrition fails, I always turn to my power songs to get me through a tough session. Anything that gives me a rush of adrenaline typically makes that playlist. Top songs right now: Legacy by Memphis May Fire, The Real by Nevertheless, No Way Out by Gemini, Hacylon by Ellie Goulding, and Lights (Fear of Tigers Remix) by Ellie Goulding.

How’d you find X-1 and what’s your favorite set-up?

My store sold H2O product back in 2009/2010 and I bought the interval. I absolutely love it. The interval completely revolutionized my swim workouts and took my training in the water to another level. I think the interval will always be my favorite setup because of that mushy sentimental relationship. I really stand behind the H2O/X-1 product and even though we don’t sell this stuff anymore in my store, I still tell people that X-1 is the best out there for waterproof solutions.

Favorite quote: “Victory is celebrated, not by the stronger athlete, but by the one who finishes what they set out to do.” – Unknown

Three things people might not know about you:

I used to sing and play guitar in a rock band AND people ACTUALLY liked us! Haha

I’m working on a book of poetry that I will eventually publish

I used to run promotional missions for the band Thirty Seconds to Mars when they would tour or release new albums.