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Meet Team X-1: Gabriel McCorry

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Gabriel McCorry

Team X-1 SUPer Gabriel McCorry

Gabriel McCorry is one of the most unique members of Team X-1. Hailing from Palm Beach, Florida he is a very active competitor in the world of Stand Up Paddle and now starting to compete in Triathlons. And while being involved in two sports with serious dedication may not seem unique, he is doing this all at the age of 17. He was kind enough to answer some questions for us about his passion for these two sports and where he wants it to take him.

You are very active in the world of SUP racing and now Triathlon. When did you get into SUP and Triathlon? 

I have been in SUP for a little more then a year. My first race was actually a race that the Share the Stoke Foundation had me do. I swam competitively and surfed a lot and they thought it would be good idea to try SUP racing… I loved it instantly. Triathlon is a slightly different story, I started doing tri’s because of my friend Silas, who is still my training partner, and that was only 9 months ago.


What is it about Triathlons that appeal to you? And what about competitive SUP?

I like both sports for more or less the same reason, they are some of the only sports that you can push your self to your limits and really find those limits… then when you discover you can break those limits to catch the person right in front of you, its the best feeling in the world. I’m also in love with the water and they both bring me really close to it.

Obviously you aren’t like a normal 17/18 year old. Who do you train with? People your age or older vets?

I usually train for triathlons with my friend Silas on the weekends and run around 10 miles after school a few days a week. When I train SUP I train with my sponsor and team TKS Miami. I did a clinic with Dave Kalama and my TKS team and that totally changed my technique and outlook at racing  I just want to progress as far as I can in what I love, If  a missing party or hanging out with friends or missing a good swell is what it takes to be the best then I’ll do it… I’ll do whatever it takes to reach and surpass my goals.

What’s a normal training day or week for you?

A normal week would usually consist of a total of 25 miles of running, around 70 miles of biking ( Saturday morning), a 10 mile paddle and a fair amount of weight and abdominal training.

With such a bright future ahead of you, what do you want to accomplish in your career?

My goal is to make it onto the stand-up race world tour and to compete in Molokai 2 Oahu and do long distance races for charity because I like seeing how far i can go and knowing it is for a good cause. Also hope to make it to iron man Kona.

You are also really involved with the Share The Stoke Foundation. Tell us about that. What it is, how you’re involved and why you support it.

I was looking for a job and there was really no job that would hire me for my age, so I typed in ‘non-profit’ . I really wanted to give back and do something more meaningful with my life. I met with the founder at Starbucks and hit the ground the running. I became the first intern they ever had and started making films for them and helping to organize events as well as meeting with major corporations and informing them on what we do. The Share the Stoke Foundation helps get underprivileged kids off the street and in the water surfing through the distribution of free surfboards. We go to coastal communities foreign and local, teach the kids how to surf, give them a board and then they pass the sport on to the next generation. I love being apart of the Share the Stoke Foundation because there is no better feeling in the world then knowing that you just stoked a kid out and impacted their life in a positive way.

We love gear here at X-1, what gear do you train with?

I use the 12’6 Naish Javelin LE paddle-board, Kialoa Hulu paddle, SPY cutter sunglasses, XCEL wetsuits on a chilly day, DAKINE traction, X-1 Surge Waterproof Headphones, TKS Miami board shorts, paddle shirt and hat.