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One Month In: X-1’s Tips To Help Your Resolutions Stick

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It's Not Too Late To Keep Those Resolutions

It’s Not Too Late To Keep Those Resolutions

If you’re finding it tough to keep pace with your 2013 fitness goals, you’re not alone. Just ask the hundreds of huffing and puffing members that crowded your gym in January, yet now are nowhere to be found.

In the interest of your health and fitness, we rounded up some prime tips to help those New Year’s resolutions stick (and give you a perfect excuse to purchase a new pair of fitness headphones, to boot!).

  1. Focus on the positive: It’s never too late to renew your resolve and get back on the fitness track. Start fresh in February with these helpful tips and you’ll feel fitter than ever by the time spring rolls around.
  2. Get new gear: Nothing makes us want to hop on the treadmill or reserve a spot in spin class more than a sweet new set of headphones designed specifically for working out. Our fail-safe go-to is the Flex All Sport Waterproof style. The same goes for new running shoes, a cool tech tee or a fresh pair of swim goggles. You get the picture – buying new gear is one of the best ways to boost your exercise enthusiasm and your investment in yourself.
  3. Buddy up: Even if you’re into an individual sport, taking a “we’re in this together” approach to training will help pull you out of a resolution rut. Find a friend and stick to your scheduled sweat dates, and soon enough you’ll both be back to feeling fit and strong.
  4. Shout it out: Accountability is a powerful tool – one you can easily apply to yourself. Making your resolution a public proclamation is one of the surest ways to guarantee success. So say it, blog it, post it, and tweet it – even like it and favorite it – and then spare yourself some embarrassment and make sure it sticks!
  5. Rock out: Music is a universal motivator. It’s helped launch revolutions. United people under a common cause. Motivated you to take that run in the fresh snow at dawn. Tune in, get out. If you’re a swimmer, invest in the X-1 Ipod swimming set. If you’re a runner, you want the memory foam ear buds. If you’re not sure what you want, check out our diverse selection.

Trust us, these tips work, especially in the dead of winter when it’s easier to pop open the latest stout and zone out to Downton Abbey. Give it a shot and report back. How are you keeping your fitness resolutions?