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X-1 Headphones For Women – Finally, They Fit!

Headphones For Women

Sweat Proof, Weatherproof and Rinsable!

Did you know that over half of marathon participants are women?  Did you know that no one designs sport headphones for female athletes?  Until now!  You don’t train in the same clothes or shoes as male athletes – why should you settle for headphones made for men? X-1 Headphones For Women were built specifically for female athletes. They were designed to fit smaller ears and are integrated with features that keep you safe, without sacrificing the performance you demand.

There are companies out there that make women’s headphones, meaning they take their normal designs and turn them pink, or stick a sparkly jewel to the back, but this doesn’t address the fit, comfort and durability issues we heard thousands of women voice.  We listened, and we created a solution.  X-1 Headphones for Women, finally, they fit!