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New Running Headphones For 2013 Are Here!

Here at X-1 Audio we are super excited about our new line of Momentum Running Headphones for 2013. We have been listening to our customers, especially women, who have asked for a smaller, lighter in ear headphone that fits great and performs well. We really think that you’ll love the Momentum line for its great fit, superior sound, mic and volume controls as well as its one-of-a-kind reflective cable.

Momentum In Ear Running Headphones

The small size of the Momentum Running Headphone makes it perfect for the smaller ear.

Small Size, Big Sound

First, let’s talk size. The problem with ears is they are all different. Traditional earbuds, like the bulky white ones you get with your new iPhone, just don’t seem to fit. If you do any running in them, the odds are pretty good they are going to keep falling out driving you crazy. In-ear headphones are great because instead of sitting in your ear (wedged between the Tragus and Antitragus for all you anatomy fans), in ear headphones fit right into the opening of your ear canal. This provides a nice seal for much better sound quality as well as the possibility of a smaller earbud.

Our Momentum Running Headphones utilize a brand-new, very small, but very powerful speaker driver that allows us to shrink the size of current buds down to one of the smallest in ear headphones out there. This allows big and small ears to share in the same fit, features and durablity that were previously only available in bulkier earbuds.

Great Fit, No Matter What Size Ear You Have

With in-ear headphones, finding the right ear tip is crucial to get the fit you want. We’ve included 5 sets of ear tips to help you find the fit that works best for you. There are 3 sets of rounded, soft elastomer tips in small, medium, and large. The small size could even fit a child’s ear. The medium and large are perfect for adults. It also comes with one set of very soft “memory-foam” ear plugs. You can squeeze these and let the foam bounce back for a great comfortable seal in you ears. The last set of ear tips are a “tree-tip” shape. These have become the tip of choice for many of our fans. They have three sets of ridges that make a very secure fit against falling out when you are doing a lot of activity.

Reflective Cable and Mic Controls

The reflective cable and mic controls make these running headphones stand out.

Patent-Pending Reflective Cable

Running when it’s dark is sometimes the only time we can get out there. That’s why we’ve designed a one-of-a-kind, patent pending reflective headphone cable. This cable can provide an extra level of reflectivity to let motorists know you are there in low light situations. We’ve woven the same retro-reflective fabric in your high end running shoes into the cable. It makes it look really cool during the day and even cooler at night. Especially when those headlights hit you straight on.

Full Mic and Volume Controls

The headset also comes with an MFI (“Made for iPhone/iPod”) controller. This is using a Certified Apple chipset to provide button support between the headphones and your iPhone or iPod. It lets you answer/end calls and talk through the mic, turn volume up and down, skip songs via a double click and even talk to SIRI. Just hold down the middle button and you’ll here the familiar SIRI tone. Say, “SIRI open Pandora”. Viola, now you are on your run with your favorite music and didn’t have to look at your phone.

Sweat Proof and Rinsable

We don’t want to judge if you have dirty sweaty ears after you run or work out, but we understand that this is a common problem for a lot of people. That’s why we’ve built these so you can rinse them off after every use. Headphones can get gross sitting at the bottom of you gym bag… in your trunk… in the sun… growing who knows what on them. Don’t you think it’s time you rinsed your headphones? With any of the Momentum Running Headphones, cleanliness is not an issue.

6 Colors To Choose From

Besides all these great features, the Momentum Running Headphones come in 6 different colors. We have your standard all Black and all White as well as White/Pink, White/Teal, White/Purple and White/Cyan.

We worked really hard to provide all the features you wanted into a headphone that sounds, fits and performs great. You can view our whole line of Momentum Running Headphones here.

Momentum Running Headphones WhiteMomentum Running Headphones BlackMomentum Running Headphones TealMomentum Running Headphones PinkMomentum Running Headphones PurpleMomentum Running Headphones Cyan