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Winter Cross Training With Headphones

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Skate Ski With X-1 Headphones

Skate Ski With X-1 Headphones

When winter snow blankets your usual stomping grounds, step into a pair of cross country skis, plug in your favorite pair of sport headphones, and glide on. Similar to running, cross-country skiing utilizes every major muscle group and delivers a monumental caloric burn, whatever your personal pace. The equipment is simple and easily obtained at any ski rental shop. It’s critical to establish a rhythm when skiing, and one of the best ways to do that is with music.

In addition to a great pair of sport headphones, like X-1’s Momentum In Ear Ultralight, you’ll need light wicking layers, warm mittens or gloves, and a chill-busting beanie. Whether it’s a social outing or a solo endeavor, cross-country skiing will boost your fitness and help pass the winter days. You’ll find yourself in the midst of snow-covered vistas and exhilarating temperatures. And you’ll emerge in the spring fitter, stronger, and heartier. What’s better than that?