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Spin To Your Favorite Sounds With Sweat Proof Headphones

Momentum Sweat Proof Headphones

Momentum Sweat Proof Headphones

News flash: Indoor cycling is far more fun than it appears. And headphones make indoor cycling even better. Around the country, group trainer sessions are surging in fitness-minded communities like Boulder, Colo. Where natural sports nutrition maker Skratch Labs hosts weekly winter indoor riding sessions. But while riding a trainer is one of the most effective methods you’ll find to ramp up your cycling fitness, it can get, well, routine. That’s where X-1 Audio’s sweatproof headphones come in. These are the best headphones for sports because they stay put, offer terrific sound, and withstand perspiration. They can also be rinsed off for a fresh, clean pair of ear buds, every time (…your riding buddies will thank you for this!).

Just because you’re indoors doesn’t mean it’s an easy bike ride. Indoor trainer sessions are technical. They offer no chance to coast, as well as controlled resistance to simulate the steepest of climbs. Your own garage can even serve as ground zero for a group of athletes ready to reproduce the famous Tour de France classic climb to Alpe d’Huez. So whether you’re faced with icy roads and freezing temps or you simply seek a challenging change of pace, don’t hesitate to ride inside.

If you are in the Boulder, Colorado area you may want to try one of the Skratch Labs indoor riding sessions. They provide the trainers too! RSVP through their Skratch Events Facebook page.