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Grab Bag Thursday

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Today’s grab bag is all about interesting things on water.

First up, due to an unusually high tide, a rare swell swept through the Severn river in the UK, drawing hundreds of surfers to try and see who could ride the wave the longest.

Next, adventure Kayak magazine published “a completely arbitrary, shamelessly biased and utterly made-up list of the 10 best places to live for sea kayaking“.  Even though it might not be a comprehensive list, at least it’s got a few suggestions on where to go for good kayaking.

And one last thing to get you through to Friday, a piece of news from Orange County, California.  The Dana Point Harbor has taken action to keep Stand Up Paddlers safe by producing a sticker showing the best routes for boats and human powered vessels to navigate the waterway safely.  With the growing popularity of SUP, I’m sure this will be something we’re seeing more often in waterways around the world.

Grab Bag Thursday: Surfing Airs and MGMT

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Many extreme athletes use “foam pits” to nail difficult tricks while limiting the possibility of injury.  Skateboarders, BMX bikers, even ski jumpers and most famously snowboarders like Shaun White have been vocal about using foam landing areas to help nail high flying tricks.  Now surfers are getting in on the action.  While surfers have the advantage of a forgiving landing, what they lack is the consistent conditions to work on a trick to perfection.  That’s why this team of surfers grabbed skateboards to launch themselves into a foam pit as training for aerial surfing….

Speaking of surfing…New York musicians MGMT stay their newest album is heavily influenced by surfing.  Look for their album,  Congratulations, to be released mid-April and have some new surf inspired music in your Amphibx Armband during your spring surf sessions.

Thursday Grab Bag: Global Triathlon and Incredible Surf Video

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Training to swim, bike and run around the world

A few weeks ago we posted a story about a kayaker who is in the midst of circumnavigating the globe, solely by human power.  In another test of extreme endurance, a British teacher named Dan Martin will be embarking on a global triathlon in May.  He aims to swim the Atlantic Ocean, cycle across Europe and run through Canada all in the span of 18 months.

Unrelated, but also incredible, is this video of a surfer who almost collides with a photographers helicopter while surfing huge waves in Hawaii.

Thursday Grab Bag: Surfing Backflip, Kayaking the Globe and More.

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Ariel tricks are the future of surfing and are showing up on waves all over the world, but this super clean backflip from Timmy Curren brings things to a whole new level.

Think you’re a hard core kayaker? Well, listen to this, Erden Eruc, a world record holding rower from Seattle is on a mission to circumnavigate the globe solely by human power. Having started in Seattle, Eruc has already kayaked over 450 miles and is now on the eastern coast of Australia. As if paddling the globe was not enough, Eruc is also planning to climb the six tallest peaks on earth in the process! Crazy!

If you’re pregnant and don’t want to know the sex of your baby, stay away from dolphins. In a report from China, a group of scientists believe that Dolphins can ’see’ unborn babies in the womb and may even be able to differentiate between sexes, through the use of sonar.

Thursday Grab Bag: The Best Tri Pics of ’09 and Snow Kayaking Catches On

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It’s almost Friday!  All of us at H2O Audio are having a hard time focusing today because the waves outside our offices here in San Diego are HUGE!  If you’re also feeling the Thursday drag, take a quick break and explore the awesomeness of Thursday Grab Bag.

Need motivation to keep up your triathlon training?  Check out this gallery of some of the best triathlon pictures of 2009.

Last week we brought you a video of snow kayaking, and I’ll be honest, we sort of thought it was a joke, but not so!  The sport is catching on, with an article in the Black Hills News and this amazing video from the riders perspective.  I wonder what they used to get this footage?  This would be another great use for an ipod nano with video, waterproofed in The H2O Audio Capture case.